Refreshing Your Resume
Refreshing Your Resume
Most of us only update our resumes when we need to, and often it’s done in a rush because there’s a job we want to apply for and we need our resume now! Regardless of whether you are planning on applying for jobs in the near future, it might be worth looking over your resume with a fresh set of eyes and giving it a refresh.

Things to consider:

  • Format or layout – is it current? Even trends in resumes change. Make sure it’s easy to read.
  • Employment history – is your current or most recent job listed?
  • Your current role – have you had any additional tasks or responsibilities added to your role that are not included in your resume?
  • Have you completed any project work or joined any work committees?
  • Try and include some context around your job tasks. For example, if your job included Accounts Payable you might add in words like: reconciliations and/or matching supplier invoices. Providing a little more detail will help the reader to get a deeper understanding of your skillset.
  • Include career successes or achievements – this authenticates your skills and capabilities.
  • Referee details – are your referees listed still current? Are their contact details still accurate?

The information that you provide in your resume will determine whether your application is progressed for a role. Remember hiring managers assess an applicant’s suitability for a role based on the information that the applicant provides.


Written by the Your People Recruitment team

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