Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Need help filling a position? Not sure where to start?

At Your People Recruitment, we are passionate about assisting employers with recruiting high performing staff and we love helping candidate progress into their next role. Most of all, we understand the importance of getting it right for both employers and job seekers.

We offer a dedicated Recruitment Consultant to assist you with end to end Recruitment Services. Our success is attributed to our understanding of organizational requirements, stringent candidate sourcing and detailed screening processes which ensure that we consistently provide high calibre candidates to match your business needs.

Our experienced Recruitment Consultants understand the importance of ascertaining the exact requirements of a particular role and have the experience to identify the skills and most importantly the cultural fit for your organisation.

Contact us to find out more about our Permanent Staffing services. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and speak to you about our process to find you the right candidate!

Temporary Staffing - On Hire Employment Services

Whether you are looking for someone to cover an unplanned absence,  seasonal peaks, staff shortage or a contractor … We have the perfect solution – Temporary Staffing and Contract Services.

We have a broad database of talented candidates who are thoroughly screened and reference checked and eager to get working on temporary assignments. Not only do we provide the right talent, we make it even simpler for you as we at take care of all the employment processes i.e. from employment agreements and documentation to payroll administration, KiwiSaver, and the cost of staff acquisition.

If you need Specialists, Temporary or Technical Contract staff, reach out to us at and one of our qualified recruitment consultants will be in touch to find out about your requirements.

Contractor Services

Contract employee placement for periods up to 18 months.

Talk to one of our Recruitment Consultants about your organisation's needs.

Contact us here.

Additional Services

Skill based Assessments

We offer a full range of computer assessments including:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint – all versions
  • Typing – copy and audio
  • Data entry
  • Attention to detail
  • Spelling
  • Grammar

Aptitude and Ability based assessments

  • Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning
  • We will help you identify which assessments would be suitable for your role

Psychometric Assessments

  • Personality Profile
  • Sales Preference Indicator
  • Values and Motives Inventory

Interview Coaching

Reference Checks

Ministry of Justice Checks

Outplacement Support

IntroInsight Video Interview

IntroInsight is a simple-to-use online platform that allows you to obtain candidate videos as an integral part of your shortlisting process.

Selected candidates record responses using their own device, in their own time. Review all video introductions when it suits you and then add all relevant information in one handy spot to securely share your shortlist with your team. Find out more.